About scattered light

From wikipedia:

Light scattering

…Most objects that one sees are visible due to light scattering from their surfaces. Indeed, this is our primary mechanism of physical observation…


Lasse Thomasson is a Swedish photographer ling with his family just south of Stockholm, Sweden.

Born in 1963 Lasse has a broad creative background, especially in music, where is has worked as songwriter, musician, sound engineer and producer.
In 2016 Lasse picked up serious photography, more as a second thought from the Sony A7SII camera he bought to do some video work. Instead of shooting video he started photographing nature and landscapes around him, and found that he liked it very much.

The interest has grown over the last year and at the moment all free time is spent in some close by forest or with his nose deep into Photoshop doing post processing.

Lasse can be reached at lasse.thomasson@gmail.com or at +46 735 173061.


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