16 – Gålö coastline

In Swedish a name of a place that ends in the letter “ö” indicates that it is an island. “Ö” actually means island in Swedish. Simple as that.
In reality you can’t be sure though. Well, you can be pretty sure that when the place got it’s name it was an island but because of isostasy the land rises in most part of Sweden. In the northern part as much as one centimeter per year. That’s one meter per century, enough to make a visible difference in a life time.
So what once was the island of Gålö is now the peninsula of Gålö in the archipelago of Stockholm.
Island or not, it’s still pretty and one of my favorite places.

Sony A7SII & Zeiss Loxia 50mm f/2

Click for hi-res version


Copyright: Lasse Thomasson 2018


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