Week 28. The Kolmården Marble Quarry

Last week there were no picture of the week for the simple reason that I was bed bound with a severe cold, or flu, or whatever made me feel more sick than I have in years. Up and about again but with a nasty cough.
Anyway, this weeks image is from the Kolmården Marble Quarry where the famous Kolmården Marble originates. In production between 1663 and 1975 it is today a museum and open partly to the public. Makes for a good day trip from Stockholm with lovely views and picnic spots.

(Click on the image for full res)

Sony A7SII & Zeiss Loxia 21mm


This post is part of my project to publish my favorite new image every week during 2017. Shot in the previous week.
Hopefully will this be an inspiration to get out and shot and to bring the camera with me wherever I go.

Previous week: Week 26. Visiting The Stone Door
Next week: Week 29. Reflections of a dying day

Copyright: Lasse Thomasson 2017


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