Week 26. Visiting The Stone Door

Getting home from my summer cottage is a 250 km drive. I usually do this in the company of my family but this time I was alone. Which means I was free to do any detour I wanted. Usually a request to stray from the trodden path (in this case the freeway) is met with large amounts of skepticism from the rest. This skepticism can of course be abated with promises of large amounts of ice-cream and candy. But as I said, I was alone this time, and such measures were unnecessary.

So off I went, to visit Stendörren Nature Reserve (Stendörren translates to The Stone Door in English) in the southern archipelago. An extra 50 km drive and utterly pleasant . And my family will never know what they missed, probably for the best.

(Click on the image for full res)


Sony A7SII & Loxia 21 mm f/2.8


This post is part of my project to publish my favorite new image every week during 2017. Shot in the previous week.
Hopefully will this be an inspiration to get out and shot and to bring the camera with me wherever I go.

Previous week: Week 25. The Summer Solstice
Next week: Week 28. The Kolmården Marble Quarry

Copyright: Lasse Thomasson 2017


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