Week 13. The blue hour

It looked like a more or less unsuccessful photo session. Two hours of freezing waiting for sunset light and colors to show themselves to to avail.
I headed back to civilization and my car in the twilight, treading carefully on the path trying not to get tripped by roots or branches.
Almost there I came on this scene. The last shot of the day, and the best.

Sony A7SM2 & Zeiss Loxia f2.8/21mm @ f4 | 1/2, 1/4 & 1/8 sec (3 exposures) | ISO400

This post is part of my project to publish my favorite new image every week during 2017. Shot in the previous week.
Hopefully will this be an inspiration to get out and shot and to bring the camera with me wherever I go.

Previous week: Week 12. Sunset in the archipelago
Next week: Week 14. London in the spring

Copyright: Lasse Thomasson 2017


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