Looking back at 2016 and my first year with photography

So now a year has gone since I got my first serious camera. Serious in the sense of being too expensive, having more options and features than my needs, having a very large sensor and the possibility to change between different, also too expensive, lenses. And I actually never really bought it for taking pictures. I thought I would do video instead.
Cameras I’ve had a lot, mobiles and  compact point and shoot. And I have taken photos all the time. But always as a second thought, never as a first aim. Always as a means to remember, never with the picture itself as the focus.

But then, music has always been my thing. Writing songs, lyrics, recording and producing. I love it but to work with music takes a lot of time, at least on the level where I think it’s fun and challenging.
Time that I have found hard to find in the last years. Work and family has taken a lot of the priority.

So enter landscape and nature photography which I found possible to slot into my every day schedule. And since I’m new to it there is always a challenge. I learn something new every time I pick up my camera. It’s all very much fun and I enjoy it a lot.

Here are some photos from last year that, for some reason or the other, meant the most to me (as perhaps opposed to being the best).

Click for full resolution images

Early dawn at Mount Grönfjäll
Lake Bylsjön in the Tyresta National Park
Sunset at Gamleby in the south of Sweden
Dusk at Lake Ulvsjön
Smultronboda in Småland
Lake Sanda in the Nacka Nature Reserve
Close to Åkerholm Mansion in Småland
Old Haven on the island of Fårö
In the Nacka Nature Reserve
The clearing
A path in the forest in the Nacka Nature Reserve

All images copyright: Lasse Thomasson 2016


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