The chapel and crematorium of Storkällan

In the pine forests a few kilometers south of Stockholm hides an architectural gem. It’s the chapel and crematorium of Storkällan with its associated graveyard. Set among tall pine trees is a mixture of dark brick and rusted steel. The windows reflects the stillness of the surrounding trees and the sky, almost creating an optical illusion, removing the boundaries between the buildings and nature.
The bell tower stands on the path to the graveyard in the middle of the forest borrowing its simplified form from the surrounding pines, overlooking the memorial groove.

Build in 1970 and designed by architect Wolfgang Huebner, with help from landscape architect Gunnar Mattsson and artist Olle Nyman, it blends a modern expression and a timeless harmony, creating a truly magical and unique place.

The surrounding pine forest
The chapel and water pond
The bell tower
Inscription on the bell tower
The chapel
The nearby graveyard


If you want to visit the adress is Storkällans väg 20 in Älta, south of Stockholm, Sweden.
Coordinates are 59°15’09.6″N 18°12’27.4″E.
Link to Google maps

All photos copyright: Lasse Thomasson 2016


Technical notes
All photos were shoot with a Sony A7S II and a Zeiss Distagon 18mm 3.5


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